Talare 2016

Until the day of the event, we will present the women who signed up that they want to hold a session or workshop.
First in line is Malena Klaus.

Malena Klaus

Job title: Unity Developer
Company: UsTwo

What are you proudest of having made happen?
The ITU Copenhagen Global Game Jam Site 2016. We had three times more participants than in the year before and everything went surprisingly smooth even though we started the organisation part a little late. For 2017 we are starting way in advance and it is great to see how motivated the team is.

What technology are you trying to understand right now?
I am trying to wrap my head around clean object-oriented-python code. I can script in python but as a mainly c# coder my python code turns way too quickly messy. Feel free to poke me if you have good pointers on this.

What is your favorite networking advice (s)?
Have good business cards and give them to as many people as possible. My business cards have a silly drawing of myself on them, people often forget my name or my face but when they see the image of my cards on twitter or my website they usually can draw the connection. Also have a twitter account (and follow me @dasmalle) Other than that just talk to people, if you’re not sure who to talk to: start with me, I don’t bite I promise.

Read more about Malena and her session here.