Talare 2016

Phiphi Tran

What are you proudest of having made happen?
I have played the piano for many years so it was fun when I managed to create and program a "mini-keyboard" with the Arduino. It is nice to have a small version now when I can't play on my piano at home.

What is your favorite IT tool?
At the moment it is definitely the Arduino. I discovered it this summer and still feel like there is a lot more I can learn and create. I have not spent as much time with Arduino since school started, but will as soon as I have more spare time.

What technology are you trying to understand right now?
The Arduino!

What is your favorite networking advice?
I don't have that much experience, but would say that you can build basically everything with your creativity! Just play around and you will learn a lot more than you could imagine. Don't feel stuck with a book or guide, try to think outside the box and have fun!

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