Talare 2016

Louise Larsson

What are you proudest of having made happen?
Having had the courage to actually listen to myself and apply to Författarskolan, even if that means skipping almost two years at work. Life is to short to work most of the time. And work gets better when you have time to write fantasy stories in your spare time. If that is not a fact, it should be.

What is your favorite IT tool?
Scrivener of course! It is the most elaborate writing program I’ve had the pleasure to work with. It is perfect when you have loads and loads of text to work with, and it is so adjustable – I can customize it so it suits my needs. My favorite is the full screen-composition mode, which allows me to shut out everything else but my beautiful neon green text on black background.

What is your favorite networking advice?
Be yourself. Be friendly and friends will follow.

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