Talare 2016

Vanja Tufvesson and Myky Tran

What are you proudest of having made happen?
Vanja: That Tone, Vibeke and I created the programming camp Pink Programming Weekend 2015. This was the starting point for Pink Programming.

What technology are you trying to understand right now?
Myky: Right now I am trying to understand hardware programming (Arduino). I have been a big fan of Simone Giertz for a long time, but didn't get started until this summer after a visit to Makertjej. They introduced me to hackster.io, which is a good source of inspiration for people who want to learn more about hardware programming.
Vanja: I've wanted to learn Python programming for a long time, and I now get to do it at work, so that's great. I really like the language!

What is your favorite networking advice?
Go to events and dare to take the first step to open up a conversation! :)

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