Talare 2016

Helena Sandberg & Linda Weinmer

What are you proudest of having made happen?
Linda: Me and a former classmate built a web based intranet for Sveriges Konstföreningar. We used their current database to build a new system from scratch that focused on having a more intuitive UI and easyliy navigated system that supports their administrative personell in their daily work with the memebers of the organisation. It was a great reward to see that they were satisfied and an honour that they trusted us with their database without much experience.

What is your favorite IT tool?
We both like the app, IFTTT (If this then that). Awesome to use for fun little experiments! Amazed by the simplicity of it and that anyone can set up little Internet of things concepts without much tech knowledge.

What technology are you trying to understand right now?
Helena: I am curious about Daydream, VR for Android Nougat!
Linda: Im trying to learn more about BLE (Bluetooth low energy) and it's possibilities, which is a technology we use a lot at work and is great for sending simple sensor data.

What is your favorite networking advice?
Don't see networking as networking. Just have fun!

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